About WaltersWorks

Building brands, products and digital experiences.

I am driven by my love for creativity and technology.

What makes WaltersWorks different? I offer more than just web design. I offer social media marketing, search engine optimization, graphic design, photography, the works. I work openly. No confusing tech gibberish. No "website in a box" offers. No trendy sales pitches. I focus on results and getting customers excited about having complete control over their virtual presences.

At the end of the day, I want you to take ownership of your virtual presence. Web sites and other digital media are simple to maintain using friendly content management systems. But even if you want me to do the updates for you, you own everything I produce for you and can do with it what you wish. Gone are the days where designers hold their clients hostage.

In our case, there was no business without the site! WaltersWorks was the only company that within the first meeting made me feel very confident and comfortable that he understood and could produce what we envisioned.

The Team

Over a decade of experience with all things digital. A self-taught and versatile technologist with a passion for learning & innovating.


Doug Walters